Customer Testemonials

We made moong dal and regular rice for dinner. In my family they prefer buffalo’s ghee. I use cow ghee. In our rice we all added our own ghee. Rest of the family also added white bura (less refined sugar). I added the greenhands jaggery. By mistake I had added lot of green chillies to the dal which i was not aware of. I was satisfied with my dinner. I eat very mild chilli whereas my family likes hot and spicy. To my surprise they all said that they could not eat the dal because of its high chilli content. I could not even detect chilli. I could narrow down the reason to only one thing. The organic fabindia cow ghee and greenhands jaggery absorbed all the chilli. I had no acid reflux or food pipe burning. Please note i only had one spoon of each.

I also made my cup of tea today. I usually use rock candy for sugar due to its cooling nature and it being sulphurless. I replaced it with the greenhands jaggery. The tea’s taste was doubled and it complemented the ginger in it.

Thank you for such a lovely product Greenhands.

Urvashi Yadav / Gurgaon

1. Siddha Tooth powder: I’ve been using this since a month, my toothache has been reduced and I feel much better in my dental health.
2. Gingelly oil: I was searching for pure, unadulterated organic oil for a while, but couldn’t for a long time. After using Greenhands gingelly oil, the aroma, taste of food has improved well.
3. Coconut oil: I was usually sceptical about using coconut oil for cooking because of its pungent smell it gives to food while eating. I had this experience when I bought edible virgin coconut oil in Kerala commercially. But once when I tried cooking with Greenhands coconut oil, I’m surprised to find it has no pungent smell and tastes so sweet and adds wonderful flavour to food. Now I’m using coconut oil for most dosas and for deep frying.
4. Poongar rice: We regularly eat idly, dosa, paddu being from south Indian family. But when I started preparing these items with poongar rice, they taste better and my family doesn’t like if I use white rice now for cooking.
5. Jaggery powder: The taste, purity and quality of jaggery is much better than other store bought organic ones. Milk tastes better when had with this jaggery.
6. Honey: We were searching for pure organic honey. The taste and aroma of the honey reminded us of our childhood when our grandparents used to give us for good health. My cough is on control after using honey with other Ayurvedic medicines.
7. Ragi: We’ve been cooking with Ragi since many years now, but after using Greenhands ragi, the taste and aroma of it is so sweet and fulfilling that I would want to keep buying from here everytime.
8. Salt: The purest salt I’ve ever come across. I’ve come across people suggesting to use pure salt for cooking, gargling, Jal neti, bathing, brushing etc. We’ve been using the salt for everything and it’s just pure and unadulterated.
9. Groundnut oil: I had used other brand of cold pressed Groundnut oil, but after using this oil the taste and aroma seems much pure than the earlier brand. My mother in law has knee pain, but when she started having food cooked with this oil, she says her pain seems much reduced and she feels like walking actively. Thanks to Greenhands.

Daksh’s mother Rakhi / PUNE

Your products are really good. Coconut oil that I had taken reminds me of the oil used during my childhood days from Kerala. Really good. And great effort from your side to make people reach healthy products at the door step.

Shreya’s mother Sunita / PUNE

Greenhands products has been a boon to us.I have seen changes in my child’s health after using antioxidant rice and immunity rice.I give him health mix almost everyday.I have also incorporated bamboo rice in the dosa/ idly batter.
When I switched to coconut oil, I thought no one will like the taste of the dish,but the transition was so smooth that no one in my family realised the switch to coconut oil.I haven’t seen,tasted a more pure oil than this.A big thank you to Mani and the entire Greenhands team for all the efforts.We are blessed to get such good quality products at our doorstep

Pranshu’s mother Anita Rao / PUNE

We came across Greenhands products through SwarnaPrashana parents group who are focused in reviving ancient wisdom and holistic living. Greenhands products resonate exactly those principles. The quality of product from farmer to customer and the effort that goes behind researching and  working to get it to us is exemplary.I am very impressed with the  awesome ghee that I use. Having used different types of brands,this came as a surprisingly amazingly light, golden and yummiest ghee ever tasted. My kids lap up ghee without hesitation and I am relieved having to trust Greenhands quality. It’s a revelation for me to know so many traditional, local varieties of rice exist. The cold pressed oils are the best. Over months, I have used quite a number of products and the difference in the quality of these products and commercially available products is quite stark. The service is friendly,timely delivery and addition of new products, I look forward to shopping with Greenhands every month. We would recommend Greenhands products to everybody!!

Shayan’s mother Tanushree Nair / Bangalore

✍ Coconut oil : I am using this for my new born baby for massage. It is so pure that it would relay it to use for new born.
✍ Health mix : Being a fuzzy eater, I was searching for giving something healthy to my kid and to my surprise greenhands health mix helped me out. My kid liked it too and it is really really an healthy one when compared to other store bought things.
✍ Siddha tooth powder : I hv been using this for month and can really feel the difference. I hv cavity and also sensitive and now the sensitive feel is far better. Using for my kid too.
✍ Ghee : Special mention and thanks for this ??  Can really feel the purity and freshness through its smell. I am really proud and happy that i am giving best to my kid. Thanks for greenhands.
✍Hill honey : Purity first class. Cold has gradually suppressed for my kid.
✍ Organic wheat flour : Taste and quality is really different from store bought one.
✍ Finger millet : No words for this. Best example for the originality and purity is when I washed and dried it in our terrace, a neighbour asked me where did I buy this. As he is from village, he said that this is the original ragi which I gud for babies. And the one which we buy from store is red in colour and he said that it will induce heat which is not gud.

Overall experience with greenhands is I am happy that am giving good to my family. Credit goes to Greenhands.

Smitha’s mother Sujitha / PUNE

I have been using the GH products for past 5 months now and can vouch for the quality being provided. All the stuff right from ghee to palm sugar to coconut oil, gingely oil, nature vita, health mix are of very superior quality at a very affordable price and being delivered at our door step. Their chvawanprash is not only healthy but very tasty and a hit in a house with my kids. Their gingely oil and coconut oil is 100% pure and have helped me to improve the health and complexion of my 6 month old daughter who has skin problems since birth. Regular massage with these oils have helped me to maintain her skin without any alopathic medicines. Personally I am a big fan of greenhands and the whole team.

Prisha’s Mother Pooja / PUNE

I was waiting for one such authentic and reliable store who could source directly from the farmers/producers and give us. Greenhands does this job so dedicatedly. The purity and quality of the products delivered by greenhands are just amazing. With the introduction of new and indigenous products every month and the improvisations done in online shopping and shipping, they outdo themselves remarkably..Way to go Greenhands !!!

Sharveshram’s Mother Divya / Bangalore