Shipping Terms

Your shipment is in safe hands

Dear Customer,

In an endeavor to produce, procure and provide traditionally and naturally farmed / extracted indigenous, seasonal food products to YOU, GreenHands follows a unique process. Here are a few points for you to note:

  1. GreenHands sources from traditional farmers and brings the food directly to your kitchen without any third party intervention to maintain the quality motto we hold dear.
  2. Our produces do not use any chemicals, pesticides or GMO methods. They are grown naturally and using traditional methods that ensure high preservation of natural nutrition and potency.
  3. Our products do not use any preservatives to increase shelf life. Most of our perishable products are vacuum packed and sealed to increase their shelf life. so, once the product is delivered, please transfer all the contents into air tight containers to preserve the natural potency.
  4. Our rice and dals are unpolished. So, if you don’t see the color or shine you find in the market, it is simply because our products are natural and far more healthier an option. Since we do not follow the commercial production and preservation process like other players in the market and maintain optimum stocks, we request your co-operation with regards to rare delays in shipments.
  5. Please register with us by providing your WhatsApp number and we will add you to our monthly shipment tracker group where you can enquire about and find out the status of your shipment.
  6. We are FSSAI certified and follow all food safety and hygiene standards. Our delivery partners make sure that your order is shipped safely and preserves all the nutrition. If you have any complaints / comments with regards to the quality of our product, packaging or shipping, please reach us at: +91-9042642642 or write to us at: We are here to help!

Stay Safe, Eat Healthy Indigenous food products only and stay healthy!