A Body Immunity Kit contains following Products;

  1. Nati Turmeric Paste –  A rare Nati Turmeric which is available only at Erode, Tamilnadu and prepared by Traditional healer to take it in easy format. Anti inflammatory and Anti oxidant. Act as an Immunity booster.

🧪 Dosage: 10gm everyday after Dinner and have a glass of warm water.

👼  For age 2 – 14,  can take half of the dosage.

Expiry date: 45 days. Storage: Must be store in Refrigerator since no preservatives added.

       2. Cold n Fever Podi – Great combination of Nilavembu, Pepper, Dry ginger & Long pepper.  Prevents cold & cough. Helps in curing Insect bites, Viral & Bacterial infection. ✳ Increases body immunity. For dosage and how to use, visit this product page link – http://tiny.cc/nc38kz

       3. Amukra Chooranam  –  Avoid cough occurring due to the weakness of the lungs, immunity booster & anti inflammatory, enhances the functionality of brain & nervous system.

       4. Anu Thailam – Herbal oil for Nasya. Helps in curing problems related to eyes, nose, throat, ears & head.

              –  🧪 Dosage – For Ages 2 + Put one drop in each nostril.

       5. Herbal Incense sticks – Helps in purification & improving air quality. For more details regarding Herbal incense sticks, visit this link – http://tiny.cc/f238kz