Greenhands is a community driven shopping portal that revives, Indian indigenous traditional organic food and farmers who survived the green revolution till date. A project initiated exclusive for parents at whatsapp holistic group, from community, that focuses on reviving ancient wisdom. 

The community believes the fact that, healthy eating begins with choosing the right ingredients wisely and to eat local and seasonal produce, but sadly we are eating what we need to discard and discarding what we need to eat. This thought triggered the community to come up a unique way to procure products directly from farmers that are hand picked by team formed by the community. It all boils down to our ancient siddha saying “Food is medicine, medicine is food” If the food we take is healthy, then we avoid all most all the future diseases.

[fruitful_dbox] “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” – Ann Wigmore [/fruitful_dbox]

Since sourcing native variety is hard, time consuming and limited in quantity, the founders along with help of community every month scout of genuine food products and make it available for parents for a limited period of 3 days a month. The community is around 3500+ parents from and is also open for public on first come first serve. Rest of the days, the community works on a road-map to source the indigenous food of India that is local and seasonal.