K.Manikandan – Salem, Tamilnadu.

For last 3 years, I have travelled in and around South India  reviving our traditional foods which I believe are our own hidden treasures. Farmers were the richest people in India 300 years ago. British invaded, colonized and robbed many things and destroyed our ancient knowledge resources in food and health sector owing to the fact that Indian intellectualism and wisdom is nurtured mainly by our Traditional foods like food based on region, soil and climate.

They burned our siddha, ayurveda Olai books. Later during freedom, many farmers faced huge problems due to lack of resources like water, land. Post Independence, white revolution happened and was a major blow first step our farmers getting poor due to foreign policies.

Indian govt approved foreign companies to sell Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and make farmers to believe that that is only one solution for more food production. But the results are shocking and more health problems raised. Rumours spreading that thr is a 10% increased in production

So finally wht happened is out of 100 farmers, 99 farmers followed chemical based agriculture and they yield more production and escape from loss. But that 1% farmer who never gave up for last 100 years struggled to earn money. But they never gave up upto 4 generations.

But luckily after freedom, our generation got clear idea on which food is good. So our generation is looking for current healthy ancient alternatives. But finding them is really tough. Its like finding a key chain in under sea.

So I quit my IT job, started my journey to find those real hero farmers. I travelled entire south india, out of 10 lakh farmers, I found 800+ farmers were still producing Our Traditional rice 22 types, desi cows, cold pressed oils, organic farming. They are struggling for 4 generations to get a profit. So I take myself their products and spread awareness, teaching on how to cook those products, finally made a good price for their food products.

I went to around 500 apartments, showcase these rare food products and make them to use it. Luckily within 6 months their health problems got reduced. And now there are 300+ families getting our products and most of the families not spending even a single bucks for medicinal bills. They knew the pain of these farmers thru me, they dont care abt food products price and finally their entire family is so healthy without medical bills.

Regarding Organic products higher price – While I am start to market Cold press gingley oil, the price is Rs.400/litre due to Sesame, organic jaggery and cold pressed method production. Starting with producing 5 litres, now they are producing 600 litres per month. So now they are reducing price. Like this every traditional food is definitely going to reduce, if thr is more demand. I am pretty sure that in next 5 to 10 years, most of the traditional food products reduced to affordable normal price.

My dream is to make all food products into Organic, traditional one. Make farmers to be profitable, happy and also a boss.

At the end, a Thanks from Our friends who are using these food products, seeing their family so happy, taking hardworking farmers family to next level, that happiness equals to Billion dollar.

I am so happy on what I am doing. All iz well. Cheers ?

Thanks for the Support.

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