Greenhands project is a part of one major initiative initiated by parents of whatsapp group, that focuses on reviving ancient wisdom. The primary object of the group is eliminated the all chemically or genetically processed food and replace with native food that has proven healing qualities. The primary objective is to replace / avoid the following
  1. White Rice and Wheat (Polished hybrid seeds) with unpolished traditional rice / wheat / millets
  2. Maida
  3. White Sugar with sugar cane / palm jaggery / natural raw honey
  4. Table Salt with Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
  5. Regular cooking with Stone based cold pressed Gingelly, Groundnut & Coconut oil.
  6. Tamarind with Kerala Tamarind
  7. Use of ancient herbs as a part of food
  8. Turmeric with native Turmeric without removing curcumin
  9. Hybrid pulses with native pulses

Timeline of community in actions.

  • Kickstart of community shopping called as greenhands

    It all started with simple 3 types of traditional white and brown rice, 3 essential oils, ghee from desi cow & palm jaggery. A google spreadsheet was shared to the community with minimum order quantity was set to Rs.2000 with a waiting time of 3 weeks and open for only Bangalore parents. The products was hand delivered in person by the founders. Total order received first time was 6!

  • Invited to Talk the launch of LaheLahe

    Check the video

  • Introduced Parent made home-remedies & seasonal products

    Seven parent-made home-remedies was launched they are Balamrit, Curry Leaf Oil, Health-MixHerbal Pouch,  Milk Masala Mix, Ubtan for babies & Shikakai Power. This small gesture enabled many parents to use their free time to parent turned entrepreneurs. To prepare the summer heat, the community also lauched two seasoal products, they are vetti veru & nannari

  • Engaged with logistic partner DTDC

  • Introduced kangayam desi cow ghee.

  • Warehouse shifted and upgraded to madurai.

    This enabled to source, stock and pack products easily which has a scale to support upto 2000 customers.

  • Expanded Pan India & Remove Minimal Order

  • Invited to talk about History of Indian Food at Nastha Pani

  • Launched Multi-Millets and Black Rice Flour.

    As per the community, regular chemical based tooth paste was replaced with neem stick.

  • Introduced Ancient Herb, veldt grape (pirandai) and siddha tooth powder

  • 100 customer reached!

  • 2nd logistic partner engaged, Maruthi

  • Salt Donation was introduced

    Since the community's focus was remove table salt and replace with natural Himalayan pink rock salt. Many parents contributed to donate salt so that many parents would make the switch. Due this initiative more than 500+ parents shifted to pink salt life style.

  • Open for public

    The community shopping was only exclusive for whatsapp group parents. To help farmers to continue to stay with native varity, we have to expand the certain products, so the group was make open for public.

  • Introduced native variety of wheat

  • Delivery time reduced to 2 weeks

  • Introduced 5 premium products

    With feedback continuously pouring from community, women's health drink, Multi varity of seed rice (white and Color) was introduced. With help of various Indian medical practitioner, we launched two home-remedies namely, cold-n-fever and gastri podi.

  • Introduced Native Seeds

    To enable the community to practice terrace gardening, we sourced various rare native vegetable seeds at the portal.

  • Introduced Immunity Puffed Rice (known as Mapplai Samba)

    The year end closed with the launch of puffed rice made out of mapplai samba known for building immunity as the farmers. This was a 3 months of research with various types of traditional rice. This enabled many parents, diabetic patients, small kids to easily consume healthy puffed rice.

  • Delivery time reduced to 1 Week