Urvashi Yadav from Gurgaon

We made moong dal and regular rice for dinner. In my family they prefer buffalo’s ghee. I use cow ghee. In our rice we all added our own ghee. Rest of the family also added white bura (less refined sugar). I added the greenhands jaggery. By mistake I had added lot of green chillies to the dal which i was not aware of. I was satisfied with my dinner. I eat very mild chilli whereas my family likes hot and spicy. To my surprise they all said that they could not eat the dal because of its high chilli content. I could not even detect chilli. I could narrow down the reason to only one thing. The organic fabindia cow ghee and greenhands jaggery absorbed all the chilli. I had no acid reflux or food pipe burning. Please note i only had one spoon of each.

I also made my cup of tea today. I usually use rock candy for sugar due to its cooling nature and it being sulphurless. I replaced it with the greenhands jaggery. The tea’s taste was doubled and it complemented the ginger in it.

Thank you for such a lovely product Greenhands.

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