Smitha’s mother Sujitha

✍ Coconut oil : I am using this for my new born baby for massage. It is so pure that it would relay it to use for new born.
✍ Health mix : Being a fuzzy eater, I was searching for giving something healthy to my kid and to my surprise greenhands health mix helped me out. My kid liked it too and it is really really an healthy one when compared to other store bought things.
✍ Siddha tooth powder : I hv been using this for month and can really feel the difference. I hv cavity and also sensitive and now the sensitive feel is far better. Using for my kid too.
✍ Ghee : Special mention and thanks for this ??  Can really feel the purity and freshness through its smell. I am really proud and happy that i am giving best to my kid. Thanks for greenhands.
✍Hill honey : Purity first class. Cold has gradually suppressed for my kid.
✍ Organic wheat flour : Taste and quality is really different from store bought one.
✍ Finger millet : No words for this. Best example for the originality and purity is when I washed and dried it in our terrace, a neighbour asked me where did I buy this. As he is from village, he said that this is the original ragi which I gud for babies. And the one which we buy from store is red in colour and he said that it will induce heat which is not gud.

????Overall experience with greenhands is I am happy that am giving good to my family. Credit goes to Greenhands. ?

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