Shayan’s mother Tanushree Nair, Bangalore

We came across Greenhands products through SwarnaPrashana parents group who are focused in reviving ancient wisdom and holistic living. Greenhands products resonate exactly those principles. The quality of product from farmer to customer and the effort that goes behind researching and  working to get it to us is exemplary.I am very impressed with the  awesome ghee that I use. Having used different types of brands,this came as a surprisingly amazingly light, golden and yummiest ghee ever tasted. My kids lap up ghee without hesitation and I am relieved having to trust Greenhands quality. It’s a revelation for me to know so many traditional, local varieties of rice exist. The cold pressed oils are the best. Over months, I have used quite a number of products and the difference in the quality of these products and commercially available products is quite stark. The service is friendly,timely delivery and addition of new products, I look forward to shopping with Greenhands every month. We would recommend Greenhands products to everybody!!

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