Daksh’s mother Rakhi, Pune

1. Siddha Tooth powder: I’ve been using this since a month, my toothache has been reduced and I feel much better in my dental health.
2. Gingelly oil: I was searching for pure, unadulterated organic oil for a while, but couldn’t for a long time. After using Greenhands gingelly oil, the aroma, taste of food has improved well.
3. Coconut oil: I was usually sceptical about using coconut oil for cooking because of its pungent smell it gives to food while eating. I had this experience when I bought edible virgin coconut oil in Kerala commercially. But once when I tried cooking with Greenhands coconut oil, I’m surprised to find it has no pungent smell and tastes so sweet and adds wonderful flavour to food. Now I’m using coconut oil for most dosas and for deep frying.
4. Poongar rice: We regularly eat idly, dosa, paddu being from south Indian family. But when I started preparing these items with poongar rice, they taste better and my family doesn’t like if I use white rice now for cooking.
5. Jaggery powder: The taste, purity and quality of jaggery is much better than other store bought organic ones. Milk tastes better when had with this jaggery.
6. Honey: We were searching for pure organic honey. The taste and aroma of the honey reminded us of our childhood when our grandparents used to give us for good health. My cough is on control after using honey with other Ayurvedic medicines.
7. Ragi: We’ve been cooking with Ragi since many years now, but after using Greenhands ragi, the taste and aroma of it is so sweet and fulfilling that I would want to keep buying from here everytime.
8. Salt: The purest salt I’ve ever come across. I’ve come across people suggesting to use pure salt for cooking, gargling, Jal neti, bathing, brushing etc. We’ve been using the salt for everything and it’s just pure and unadulterated.
9. Groundnut oil: I had used other brand of cold pressed Groundnut oil, but after using this oil the taste and aroma seems much pure than the earlier brand. My mother in law has knee pain, but when she started having food cooked with this oil, she says her pain seems much reduced and she feels like walking actively. Thanks to Greenhands.

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