Monthly Archives: December 2016

Daksh’s mother Rakhi, Pune

1. Siddha Tooth powder: I’ve been using this since a month, my toothache has been reduced and I feel much better in my dental health. 2. Gingelly oil: I was searching for pure, unadulterated organic oil for a while, but couldn’t for a long time. After using Greenhands gingelly oil, the aroma, taste of food has […]

Shayan’s mother Tanushree Nair, Bangalore

We came across Greenhands products through SwarnaPrashana parents group who are focused in reviving ancient wisdom and holistic living. Greenhands products resonate exactly those principles. The quality of product from farmer to customer and the effort that goes behind researching and  working to get it to us is exemplary.I am very impressed with the  awesome […]

Pranshu’s mother Anita Rao, Pune

Greenhands products has been a boon to us.I have seen changes in my child’s health after using antioxidant rice and immunity rice.I give him health mix almost everyday.I have also incorporated bamboo rice in the dosa/ idly batter. When I switched to coconut oil, I thought no one will like the taste of the dish,but […]

Sharveshram’s Mother Divya, Bangalore

I was waiting for one such authentic and reliable store who could source directly from the farmers/producers and give us. Greenhands does this job so dedicatedly. The purity and quality of the products delivered by greenhands are just amazing. With the introduction of new and indigenous products every month and the improvisations done in online […]